The delectable Spanish cuisine paired with the old-world atmosphere even won the heart of Hemingway.

Our heels clattered on the wet, brassy cobblestone near Plaza Mayor in Madrid. It was our last night in Spain after studying here for the past month, and my peers and I wanted our final…

Kate Brennan

Este es un ensayo que escribí sobre una observación que hice mientras estudiaba en Madrid. Me di cuenta de que la corrección política no es tan prominente en España como en los Estados Unidos, así que quería investigar las razones detrás de esto.

Cuando mi tío era un…

Kate Brennan

Este es un ensayo sobre el concepto de círculos sociales en Madrid. Me di cuenta de que la gente en Madrid no es amigable y se apega a sus círculos muy pequeños, y quería saber por qué.

El primer día que pedí un café en Madrid cometí el…

This is a personal essay about the day I found out my mother had cancer, and the role my family’s old Jeep played in the process of getting through that winter. …

The story of a boardwalk town that came back to life. Written in 2018.

Asbury Park is the beach town with soul.

The boardwalk carries a borrowed Coney Island pageantry that draws people from all over to get their fortunes told by Madame Marie and dawdle away in the famous…

A short story written in 2018 about a teenage boy and his best friend, who are living in the foster system in New York City. They help each other find hope for a better future in their weekly visits to the MET Museum, their safe place.

Photo courtesy of NYC Emergency Management

There was something about…

Kate Brennan

Just a Newhouse student, subpar snowboarder, rock climber, caffeine addict & 80s horror movie fanatic with a talent for doing a seagull impression.

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